Reflexology & Massage

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To assist your recovery

Reflexology stimulates the body's own natural healing ability, making it an organic complimentary therapy to physiotherapy.

By applying specific pressure techniques to areas of the feet which corresponds with areas within the body, it encourages an improvement in blood supply and stimulation of nerve impulses. Thus efficiency of the functions of organs are improved, harmonisation of energy and release of toxins for elimination are encouraged.

What might Reflexology do for you?

Stress reduction

Pain relief

Menstrual / hormonal balancing

Digestive Balance

Sleep improvement

Feelings of deep relaxation

Increasing energy levels

Improve blood & lymphatic circulation

Strengthen immune system

Reduce tiredness

Stimulate healing

Reproductive Reflexology

Reflexology can be of great support for both partners when trying to conceive. Reproductive reflexology is for women and men who wish to try a natural alternative to IVF. The therapy aims to balance and correct the menstrual cycle and improve sperm quality in men. It can be used alongside Assisted conception, medicated cycles, IVF, ISCI, IUI, enhancing the efficacy of conventional medication and treatment cycles.

Head, neck & shoulder massage

The head, neck and shoulders are all parts of the body where tension can build up. Especially if you are sat at a desk all day where tension accumulates.

This therapy is an effective way to help ease tense aching neck and shoulder muscles, and relieve migraine headaches, eyestrain and sinusitis.

Aromatherapy massage uses pure essential oils aiming to improve physical and emotional well-being. Research shows oils to possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and stimulating properties. Oils have also been found to have a calming or uplifiting effect on many people.