I first saw Sarah after suffering with low back pain for 2 years following an injury. It was having a massive impact on my life as I could not sit down comfortably and struggled to do anything that involved sitting down for more than a few minutes. Pain killers did not help and I was feeling really down.

I had seen an Osteopath, NHS and Private Physiotherapists, a Neurosurgeon, had acupuncture and visited the NHS Pain Clinic. No one had got to the bottom of my pain or helped.

At my first appointment Sarah listened to my story, carried out an examination and an assessment of my back and pain. I was concerned that she might set things off or make it worse but she was confident, reassuring and I felt I was in safe hands. She pinpointed the painful area very quickly, everyone else had said the pain was referred from a elsewhere in my back but I knew she was on the right track.

Sarah explained how she would approach my treatment, that it would not be a quick fix and may be uncomfortable initially as this area had not moved properly for two years.

I saw her fortnightly a few times and she worked deeply into the painful injured area. I had exercises to do at home. Apart from a couple of days after each treatment my pain was improving and I was able to sit down.

I now see her monthly and we intend to increase the time between treatments. She has encouraged me to get back to as normal as life as possible.

I am now sitting down, driving, walking, swimming and have managed to sit on a plane to go on holiday. I am smiling again.

Thank you Sarah

Cheryl Mayfield



I have had a long-term problem with a painful knee. I eventually visited Matlock Physiotherapy Centre where I saw Sarah, who, after investigation diagnosed the problem and began treatment.

After 3 sessions of treatment I am now able to walk without pain. I am very grateful for Sarah's expert treatment and would highly recommend  the Matlock Physiotherapy Centre.